The Voice Of African Children!

Uzima Aid is a leading Kenya-based independent Trust that is creating permanent change in the lives of children. Uzima Aid is improving the welfare of children by providing vulnerable and malnourished children in the slums (informal settlements) and those in arid areas with fortified food and clean drinking water.

With the assistance of partners, we also build and rehabilitate dilapidated toilets in poor overcrowded schools. Our holistic approach to the well-being of the African child makes us reach out to partners who would want to be part of the story of the transformation of poor and vulnerable children.

Our Approach

Our holistic approach to the well-being of the African child makes us reach out to partners who would want to be part of the story of the transformation of poor and vulnerable children. Be it through School Gardening and pitching of Greenhouses to mitigate food security, to sinking and digging of boreholes and wells, donating computers for E-learning purposes, building computer laboratories and toilet facilities, to supporting Camps and Sports activities, Uzima Aid is proving to be the voice of the voiceless African child and is giving its esteemed partners (individuals, organizations, corporates, and governments) the platform to change the life of a needy child. Uzima is a Swahili word meaning life. Uzima also means wellness and vitality.

Our Programs

The major pillars of Uzima Aid are the foundational principles that guide our work and shape our initiatives.


School Advocacy Program

This program aims to advocate for the inclusion of computer science as a fundamental subject in every school’s core curriculum. Uzima Aid can work closely with policymakers, education boards, and schools to raise awareness about the importance of computer science education and provide evidence-based research to support its integration into the curriculum.


Teacher Training Workshops

Uzima Aid can organize training workshops for teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge in teaching computer science and coding. These workshops can cover various topics such as programming languages, curriculum implementation strategies, and teaching methodologies specific to computer science education.


School Infrastructure Enhancement

Uzima Aid can focus on improving school infrastructure by providing computer labs, internet connectivity, and necessary hardware and software resources required for effective computer science education. This program can target underprivileged schools that lack the resources to provide quality computer science education to their students.


Curriculum Development and Resources

Uzima Aid can collaborate with educational experts and professionals to develop comprehensive and age-appropriate computer science curricula. Additionally, the company can provide resources such as textbooks, coding tools, online learning platforms, and other materials to support both teachers and students in their computer science education journey.


Scholarship and Mentorship Programs

Uzima Aid can establish scholarship programs to support talented and underprivileged students who show exceptional aptitude and interest in computer science. The company can also create mentorship programs that connect these students with industry professionals, providing guidance and inspiration for their future careers.


Community Outreach and Events

Uzima Aid can organize community outreach programs and events to raise awareness about the benefits of computer science education. These can include coding workshops, hackathons, science fairs, and competitions that encourage students to engage with computer science in a fun and interactive manner.

What Our Stakeholders Say

” We’re here to support the Voiceless Children of Africa!–“
Fundraising for the people and causes you to care about

We invite you to join us in our mission to empower Africa’s youth through computer science education. Together, we can make a difference and shape a future where every child has the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology.