Many desperate youths are held captive by human traffickers who promise well-paying jobs and end up using them as sex slaves at a profit. We have rescued several Kenya youth and refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea from human traffickers. Some are held hostage in secluded gated homes in Africa whereas many more are held hostage in the Middle East. Uzima Aid has been integrating these youths into the society through education.

Once we find families that are willing to stay with them we get them into schools and this way they get integrated into the society faster. There is an upsurge of suave human traffickers in the slums (informal settlements) in Nairobi and an intentional empowerment of the poor youth through education remains a sustainable way of dismantling the brazen network of human traffickers.

Join us in integrating into schools and the society the youth and refugees who have been rescued from human traffickers and sex slaves.

How you can get involved

  • Supporting the education of vulnerable youth
  • Providing shelter to vulnerable youth
  • Providing food and clothing to vulnerable youth