The avahttpilability of water and proper sanitation remains an integral part of Uzima Aid’s Campaign of empowering children and getting them out of poverty. Statistics show that high child mortality rates are recorded in areas that are water scarce and sanitation is poor. Uzima Aid visualizes every school in the slums (informal settlements) and poor arid areas having a borehole with safe drinking water and adequate water for School Gardening and Greenhouse Projects.

Uzima Aid also visualizes proper sanitation facility put in place to safeguard the children. A healthy environment gives learners high self-esteem therefore boosting learning by huge proportions. Uzima Aid encourages well-wishers and people of goodwill to support it in this Campaign by investing in the digging of boreholes and setting up of sanitation facilities in poor schools.

How you can get involved

– Sponsor a borehole or well project

– Sponsor a handwashing project in a slum school