Food security is the backbone of any society and Uzima Aid envisions communities that are food secure. As such we endeavor to encourage and introduce agricultural concepts in schools and in communities that are relevant and appropriate. Together with partners we have introduced kitchen gardens in some schools and initiated greenhouses in others.
Together with the Israel embassy Nairobi and Amiran we recently put up greenhouses in the Star Of Hope Primary School in Lunga Lunga informal settlement. The students in this school are able to learn modern agricultural techniques and at the same time eat vegetables from their own garden. This transfer of knowledge to children is essential and makes communities food secure.

Partner with us to support a school or a community of your choice and help make Kenya food secure.
You can sponsor the following;
● A school garden
● A community agricultural project
● A greenhouse project

Volunteering opportunities
● You can volunteer your expertise in any of our available projects and transfer the much needed knowledge to students and communities.
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● You can also sign up to volunteer in our upcoming projects.
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