For healthy learning environment children need good and clean toilets and Uzima Aid has taken up the challenge to provide children in poor schools with proper toilets. Together with partners we are building toilets in schools that do not have toilets and repairing the dilapidated ones in schools whose toilet facilities are run-down. Most schools in the slums (informal settlements) hardly have proper toilets.

The number of disintegrating toilets for the overcrowded schools that have such facilities is huge and appalling. Together with a partner Uzima Aid recently built a brand new toilet facility for an overcrowded school in the sprawling slum of Lunga Lunga in Nairobi. We also rehabilitated the borehole facility in the school with the intention of serving the new toilets with adequate water.

Statistics shows that students having access to clean toilet facilities have high self-esteem, better concentration levels and perform better in class. Uzima Aid has launched a Campaign to get rid of pit latrines in the urban areas and replace them with toilets because of the health risks involved in having pit latrines in urban areas.