At Uzima Aid we believe in the old adage ‘’work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’’
We periodically organize camping and sporting activities for needy children. We use camps to give them the much needed space for fun and healthy socialization. We also use this opportunity to impart life skills. Giving children an opportunity to have fun and teaching them life skills are fundamental pillars of growth.
We use sporting activities like football, netball, hockey, basketball, volleyball and skating to spot talent. Most of these children are highly talented and some have had opportunity to join professional clubs to further their talents. This is courtesy of the exposure through competitions organized by Uzima Aid and participation in Uzima Aid sponsored competitions.

Partner with us
● You can partner with us by sponsoring camps and sporting events
● You can partner with us by hiring professional couches and physicians for Uzima Aid
● Donate sporting gear
● Build a sporting facility
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Volunteering opportunities
Uzima Aid is in need of volunteer couches and physicians. You can sign up for this.
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