Needy schools are losing out in innovation because lack of coding skills. Technological innovation in Kenya and Africa is associated more with students who are coming from well off backgrounds because of exposure and use of computers at an early age. Uzima Aid is donating computers to needy schools and encouraging the teaching of coding and robotics in schools.
In partnership with organizations like we are encouraging the introduction of coding and robotics to children at Early Childhood Development (ECD) level onwards.
We desire to see all children at par in education and especially in technological education. Furthermore, it is our desire to see African children at the pedestal of technological innovation. You can partner with us to make this a reality.

How to partner with us
● Donate computers to schools
● Donate towards refurbishing a computer library in a needy school
● Donate towards building a new library in a needy school
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Volunteering opportunities
● Volunteer your expertise
● We need qualified volunteer computer science tutors who can teach coding and robotics
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