An E-learning Facility

How you can get involved: Build a Computer Laboratory,Donate new or used computers ,Donate a learning software.

Creche Makeover

Under this initiative we will give special preference to Kindergartens that are dilapidated and are not profit driven.

Nutritional Feeding

How you can get involved  : Adopt a Greenhouse project in a school of your choice targeting malnourished children in slums.

A Toilet Facility

How you can get involve : Sponsor a new Toilet facility in a needy school.A healthy environment for children with  clean toilets

A Camp & Sports activity

How you can get involved:  Sponsor a sports event ,We believe in the old adage “work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

A Health Care Project

How you can get involved: .Sponsoring the building of Permanent Clinics in very needy and overcrowded areas

A Water & Sanitation Project

How you can get involved: Sponsor a borehole or well project ,Sponsor a hand-washing project in a slum school

Agricultural Development

How you can get involved:  Sponsor an agriculture project in a School .Sustainability of Uzima Aid’s feeding of needy children

A Compassion Outreach

How you can get involved:Supporting the education  ,Providing shelter,food and clothing to vulnerable youth.